Tree Shearing

Do you have trees that need clearing or managing? We can provide an extremely cost effective and efficient solution, tree shearing.

Using an excavator mounted attachment, we can safely and efficiently reduce trees and hedgelines. This method can be surgical in its precision and approach, taking only select trees/limbs from woodland and hedgerows, without affecting the surrounding environment, to virtually any height you require.

Productivity is unrivalled, eliminating the need for costly climbing of trees and sectioning, as you’ll see in this video, the shear can take sizeable trees and place them on the ground in a matter of seconds.

This can either be placed for you as the customer to manage once on the floor or we can provide a total disposal service of all waste arising.

This same attachment can also be used to take back field borders, rotating through 90 degrees it is the perfect tool for limbing, making sure your equipment can finally get back to the hedgeline at minimal expense.

Contact Us for competitive rates on tree shearing.

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